Being retired and living alone, my life has not changed hugely. However I do miss my social life, and most of all…. cuddles from the grandkids. Neverthless, I’m happy to be living in a village, with oppertunities for walks in the fresh air and lovely spring greenery.
It will be interesting to see what happens when the pandemic is over. Hopefully not the same old ‘hell for leather’ chasing of the myth of economic growth, at the cost of everything including the planet we live on. (Although I admit that I’m not very optimistic on that one.)


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1 thought on “Trish”

  1. Sheila Whittaker

    Beautiful work Aaron! Lockdown for me is not much different as I live alone and am used to being solitary. I am probably going out less than usual, and am in touch with friends by phone and messaging, and staying connected with my students too… Being unable to work, as I am self employed, is difficult though. Personally I think this lockdown is a great opportunity for self reflection and contemplation, and reviewing what is really important in life. However I hope it doesn’t go on too long!

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