The lockdown announcement was made while I was having a drink in the rifle volunteer on its opening night. Sadly, it put pay to my birthday plans to support the Rifle the following night when they were due to open their restaurant (come to think of it – we still need to rebook).

As it started to sink in, I was taken back to my youth- lazy days of hedonism! I appreciate that not been allowed to go to work must’ve been awful for some but for me, it’s something I’ve joked that I’d been training for my whole life! I quickly assessed the priorities and finally got round to setting up the pool table! I also began to truly appreciate the wonderful place we live in. Being a keen cyclist – my daily exercise took me out on wonderfully empty roads with perfect weather for cycling.

As time progressed I started to see the best and worst in people. This sheer selflessness of the most wonderful inspirational majority and desperate greed of a sad twisted few.

Speaking to my daughter brought the reality of the situation in to stark contrast with the chilled out time I was having. As an ICU nurse, she was living through this experience on a totally different scale. However, her bubbly, vivacious self and upbeat personality shone through at all times. While I was scared for her safety, she made me so very proud.

I really hope there isn’t a second wave, stay safe everyone.


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