It’s nice to hear about people’s lives, and how they are being affected by the restrictions. Most people seem to be finding some positives in amongst all the strangeness, whenever I’m out and about everybody seems to be coming across in a cheerful way.
Every day I’m very grateful to live where I do, the easy access to the surrounding countyside, plenty of lovely walks in the area.
It’s been hard being separated from my partner, who is caring for her mother, we can go for walks together, but at times it feels like we’re in a long distance relationship and she’s only 4 minutes walk away.
I’m glad to have an allotment to work on, the allotment site is looking great this year with people getting so much time to spend working on their plots.
It’s great to see all the efforts being made in the village by so many people the emergency shop in the hall, the stall at sunny acre, the rebel botanist with their chalk, this fabulous art project, and everything else. Thanks to everyone involved in the lockdown May revels, and thank you to all the people who have mentioned it was the first time they could actually hear the mummers play.
With any luck the world can go on from this to a new normal with more caring and appreciation of all the good things and good people.


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