If you can look out over the Tamar Valley during a time like this, you’re very lucky. I’m not religious, but I’m counting my blessings.

Somebody once said how we might be brought to our senses about global warming if the planet suffered a heart attack – a non-fatal one, which would shake us into making some changes. They pointed out that unfortunately planets don’t suffer heart attacks. Well, I guess this is society having a heart attack instead.

Who knows where it will lead. It’s genuinely scary, but it’s not hard to see how good might come out of it. One big lesson is that we’re ALL in this together. I’m not just thinking about the next pandemic, but organised crime, climate change and other huge global problems. They make our petty nationalist rivalries look like a bad joke. Immediate question: will Argyle go up? Even more importantly – what happens to Trump in November? …..THAT really will tell us a lot.



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