Lockdown for us has been full of ups and downs. For little Logan it’s been great for him having his big brother Harvey at home to play with and annoy. It’s definitely bitter sweet, we have all this extra free time to spend with the children which I truly love 90% of the time. But with all this uncertainty and anxiety about the whole pandemic is emotionally draining and overwhelming. However taking each day as is comes and just going with the flow not thinking much about it seems to work for us. My partner has been working throughout all of this so it’s just been me at home with both boys being a referee some days. I find staying positive is the best thing you can do and an occasional gin always helps. I’m just grateful for every single thing in our lives right now, i think it’s definitely made us all focus on what is really important in life. At the the moment for me it’s my children, family and that we are all in good health x


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