Katie seems quite content to be at home. She spends her time colouring, doing jigsaws, dancing to music on the radio and watching her favourite TV programmes. She knows that we have to stay at home and that she cannot hug people she meets, but I don’t think she really understands why. She is more worried about her favourite soaps not being on TV every day!

We take the dogs out for walks, and go to the allotment, where she is very helpful – fetching cans of water and watering the young plants, weeding, strimming, and very soon she will be able to pick strawberries and peas. She is the chief picker!

Although Katie is happy at home, I do think she is getting a bit fed up with my company and my activities. She usually goes to Morley Tamblyn Lodge day centre in Liskeard three days a week, where she enjoys drama, dancing, swimming and lots of other fun activities. She is really missing all her friends there and talks about them all the time. The staff have been great, with weekly phone calls to keep in touch, and now Skype meetings so that she can see them as well. She loves that.

Katie misses her sister Aimee, who is working in Plymouth, supporting people with learning disabilities, and her brother Arran, who is marooned in London, furloughed from his job in a Special Needs school, so we may not see him down here for quite a while yet. I try not to worry about them.

(Written by Jenny who is Katie’s Mum)



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