On my walks, I see the hedgerows begin to burst with ripeness. The papery purple seed pods of the honesty, the round green baubles of the pungent ramson. Plants that at the very beginning were pushing their way through the earth toward daylight, now coming full circle into fruit. All ready to drop and give back to the soil; to rise again another year.

When we notice the unstoppable movement in the turn of the year and the changes of its seasons, the very nature of these phases offers us lessons. When we have the thought to take in the plants around us –  their colours, their movement, their wax and their wane, their beauty and the sharp thorn that sits beside it – they can show us much about ourselves and our own essence in motion.

While these plants grew strong and fulfilled their part, what have we nurtured and tended in ourselves; what fruits have we borne, and what will we reap to be sown in our futures?

As a society, what have we created through cooperation, working together toward a united common aim. In our communities, what will grow forth from the kindnesses and the love we have shown, and the links we have forged with our neighbours. In the bosom of our families, living in such tight quarter, what have we discovered in tending to the needs of our loved ones, and what have we opened to them in ourselves about how we too need to be supported.

And as individuals, what new things have we have come to know in ourselves; the things we cope with, and those we don’t. What new seeds will we plant in honour of our health, and how we can cultivate more fertile ground in the self, to nourish and strengthen ourselves; to grow stronger and flourish.

And as a world? What can we harvest between nations; has this most pregnant of pauses pulled us together like a field of sunflowers, turning our golden faces in harmony away from the distrust and the hate toward a renewed commonality and the universals in which we truly share? 

If we reap what we sow, then it must also be true that we can sow only that which we wish to reap. 

Let us pick wisely the fruits that we gather now; and choose well those we so need to leave behind.

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