Close Encounters of the Bird Kind.

It started with a Long Tailed Tit perching on my knee while I sat quietly reading then  Collard Dove’s started building a nest by my back door and a Robin too. Then a Blackbird decided to join in the fun with a nest at my front door and now a Wood Pigeon is building near the Doves who seem to have taken great offence. They just haven’t got the social distancing message. The Doves have hatched 2 plump squabs and the baby Robins have been flying in the house.

But the greatest joy was coming across a family of Greater Spotted Calstorks along from Kelly Gardens. It is quite rare to find this species wandering far from its normal feeding and breeding ground. The group were led by the male in full mating plumage followed by the rather shy female. The juveniles lagged behind and were obviously rather nervous and ill at ease  being away from the nest. The adults made repeated squawks to encourage them along.

It was heartening to think that this normally retiring species were expanding their range and I look forward to more sightings. Tweet Tweet!


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