The lockdown for myself has been very positive. I am learning new skills on a daily basis. I am setting myself daily tasks regarding my photography learning photoshop / lightroom and for R & R also learning the bass guitar. The current situation I find myself in has made me look more inward toward what is important in life regarding the current situation with the Covid 19 pandemic. I have been aware how much people pull together in our small village. The community spirit is strong. I do feel that as well as the negative effects of the pandemic, a lot of good will emerge from this situation. On a personal level I am feeling that hopefully people will be a lot more kinder more understanding toward each other. The world itself is going through a shift in consciousness. The world we once knew will never be the same again. The effect it has had on the wildlife and the quality air pollution is very positive. Hopefully the world will be able to breath in again and help with the current climate situation, however world leaders and the population as a whole will have to step up to the mark to make this a world a better place, if anything is to be learnt from this situation..


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