I never thought anything like this would happen in my lifetime. It is hard.
I really miss driving.
I miss people and the social side.
I miss hearing the children at playtime and in the park.
Most of all my grandchildren and their cuddles.
And if course all my family
My Dad took a while to realise that he actually had to stay in, I have popped down a few times and I meet him outside and go for a little walk around the village. I forgot how funny he is and how much he makes me laugh. He told me how he went to the Post Office in the village Hall and how strange it was that people were on the green standing so far apart from each other and chatting. He walked around the play park and up the steps as per usual and walked in. Mentioned to Charles how quiet it was and Charles pointed out all the people on the green were the queue. Dad thought this hilarious as he didn’t realise and wondered why he got some funny looks.

Positive Lockdown

I have always loved where I live but being in this village makes lockdown so much easier.
I have been humbled and blessed by the messages I have had asking if I need anything and offers of shopping and picking up prescriptions.

May Place has to be the best place to live as we started a “Over the Wall club” we meet each day and chat over the wall. We have six members and can all keep our distance but cheer each other up. It is marvellous and we have laugh.

My Sophie and Sam are nearby and drop off food and provisions and will take their walks past my house and we can chat at a distance and I can see my beautiful grandchildren.

FaceTime…… I never thought I would use it as I have but a hour can fly by catching up with friends and sisters (I have 4 sisters).

We are so lucky to have the NHS. I have spent a lot of my life time at Derriford and have always been grateful but now I am hoping the whole of the UK will realise how much we need and value this service.

We are the lucky ones here and I count my blessings daily.

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2 thoughts on “Tina”

  1. Patsy Herring

    How lovely to see our friend Tina,& read her account of how most of us feel, in this surreal situation we all find ourselves in. Jan Tina’s father, is also a friend,& a wonderful artist, we live in the most beautiful area, most of us are aware of that, but this lockdown has made most, of us realise what a privilege life is. My heart goes out to those who are living in flats,bedsits,or have no outlook or gardens, be grateful of every day, tomorrow is never promised to anyone!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Patsy. I agree it must be so hard in towns and cities. I’ve been trying to get a photo of Jan as he lives a couple of doors down from where I’m staying during the lockdown but he’s so deaf and I don’t want to get too close. I can but hope. All the best.

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