Becky & Rosa

How do I feel about the pandemic ‘lockdown’? After a lot of thought I’ve concluded that one of my main feelings is -‘pretty lucky’. I feel like the pandemic is a lottery and I seem to have won (so far). I am lucky enough to have a happy and healthy family with no underlying health conditions. I am lucky to have a teaching post and a secure household income. I am lucky that my children are young enough not to worry about it; in fact they seem to be loving lockdown, perhaps too much?! Rosa and Fred’s lockdown time mainly consists of playing all day in the sun and taking daily magical walks into the woods. 

However, I can’t seem to shift this deep underlying feeling of unease as I am aware that many around, near and far, are not so lucky. I feel a bit helpless. It truly is a weird and complicated time, full of mixed emotion and uncertainty. I hope it ends soon. I’m lucky to live in such a naturally beautiful village with amazingly kind and supportive neighbours’ I think that my coping strategy is perhaps ‘out of sight out of mind’ and that and a couple of gins help.


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5 thoughts on “Becky”

  1. I love this drawing, it is so inspiring to see people taking part in a community project like this that allows people to connect and be creative at a time when it’s quite hard to do either of those things.
    I live in a little village in France with my two children and husband, but know Calstock well as we have family there.
    We have pretty much the same feelings, we are so lucky to be in a little out of the way corner of the world which is less touched by the current situation, but constantly reminded of what others are going through.
    It makes you really appreciate what you have in life and those around you.
    I guess people all over the world are feeling the same way….
    So sending light and love to everyone over there from us all over here, we are all the same really, British, French, Italian, German etc. The important thing is we are all here for each other when we need it regardless of race, colour, religion or borders…

  2. Mivart Thomas

    Just been looking at your drawings Aaron. Fascinating insight into the microcosm of the village reflecting the mood and thoughts of us all at this historic moment. What a great idea to capture so many dimensions at once – the face, the surface of the glass, the reflections in the glass, together with the written reflections of the people portrayed.
    Like Becky, I feel lucky. Living in Suffolk and being retired we are not so exposed and from our windows we look out over the fields where we can see the sheep with their newborn spring lambs, a couple of Suffolk Punch horses, and a herd of cows. But we miss visiting our children and grandchildren in London and do worry about them. And concerns about the future of the economy don’t bear thinking about. As Becky says, a gin and tonic helps!

  3. Rebecca Fierek

    I’ve just been listening to Willy Masons ‘oxygen’. A beautiful song that sums up my current feelings on the lockdown better than I can today. The world will keep spinning- that’s for sure🙂

  4. I love those drawings they are all so different and each tell a interesting story , Good luck with your project Aaron .I live in the west of Ireland we have been cocooning for five weeks as my husband and I are in that age group. The beginning was the most difficult changing to staying at home all the time .Then we settled into a routine ,we are lucky we live in the country and have a garden not everyone has that . Our daughter lives nearby and gets our shopping which is a great blessing.We see all our family on Zoom every Sunday and we really look forward to that. I did not know about Zoom before Covid-19 and now depend on it to see my family .Many things have changed and many more will before this virus is eliminated
    Kind Regards and best wishes

  5. Your pictures are not only beautiful, Aaron; they are a brilliant record of this strange period. We all have different experiences of lockdown, but it has made many of us, like the people you have pictured, think of what we have rather than of what, for the moment, we cannot do. It is a memorable and lovely way of recording it for the future.

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