The Silent Spring. 

Here we are now in our fourth week of Social Isolation, SI, and I feel very lucky to live in the hidden gem of a village Calstock, an area of SSSI.  

Yes we are trapped in our own little worlds feeling as though we are cast adrift at sea and the rescue boat eta is not yet known but as lifeboats at sea go, and if this village were the sea and my house were the lifeboat I am very content in this lifeboat creating Art, gardening, exercising and sewing away to help the NHS. 

My heart beats a little faster and my breathing is a little shallower because although I feel able to  cope with this situation,  underneath I have to be honest … I am in survival mode, every minute counts and I have a desire to do something worthwhile every day. Time is passing fast.

This silent planet, the lack of human and mechanical noise,  taken over by the songs of nature, is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Change is coming, hopefully for the good. For me the art of creative giving is the answer, it  nourishes my soul. 

Rachel Carson wrote ‘The Silent Spring’ highlighting the effect of pesticides on wildlife in 1962. Songbirds were very rarely heard that year. This year we have the opposite – we hear them, it’s wonderful!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your skills so beautifully at this time Aaron. You have captured my mood at that time, four weeks into lock down so well. Now, I think we’re in week six, we are all conditioned and settling into this way of life, it’s becoming the ‘norm’!

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