I am pleased that planes have been grounded as this will be positive for the environment. I worry that Village life will become more insular, coffee mornings, Church groups and even pubs will not open again. A lot of older Post Office customers are very worried about their health, and with good reason. Do we really trust those in power to provide all the answers


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2 thoughts on “Charles”

  1. Charles Mitchell

    Hi Aaron
    I look very serious but overall a great drawing. Love the reflection of the viaduct, can only be Calstock. Hope to see you soon.

  2. What a great project. Really thoughtful and beautiful drawings. The glass represents a great deal in these times.
    There is a difficulty for me with the massive impact the government have created on so many, though their arrogant approach to the pandemic. There is distance between the people you have drawn and their immediate lives, and a greater distance between the people of this country and the government.
    I see the frustration and disappointment in these faces.

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