Is this perfect solitude, or is this soul crushing loneliness?  It depends on the day!
I hate introspective thought and self analysis, and as each day drifts into the next I think ” I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment…is this is it?
I am a generally optimistic happy person yet on bad days nihilism creeps in and I ponder on deep existential thoughts.
This has been a time of personal reflection and creativity. When I’ve been alone I have tried to surround myself with music , art and horticulture.
A space where I can grow veggies and flowers has been a paradise and having  a dog and a cat to cuddle at night has kept me smiling.
When I’ve been with my Family I realise how lucky I am to have beautiful people in my life.
As a musician and teacher I desperately miss making noise and fun with groups of people but this isolation won’t last forever.
Bigbeat junk percussion is raring to go !!!
My main messaged to my fellow man is try to be tolerant and forgive those who have upset you .
Looking through the photographs makes me realise what an amazing beautiful bunch of people live here in Calstock . .
Its the best place in the world . Tis why I live here😊
Jolly good show Aaron Barnes !!! We all look amazing.
People have been so divided recently so whatever your views are, tolerance and dialogue are the only way forward. Be honest and let people know what you are thinking and how you feel….
Communication is key
Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today.
Life is fleeting so don’t waste time on anger and hatred.
When its comes down to it, rich or poor. All we have is each other. Be nice and kind but most of all . . Love yourself and treat yourself as you would treat a loved one ….. .you are the only you and you deserve joy and happiness.

Love you Calstock. 



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